Coach : It’s not about Florida, it’s about LSU


Opening Statement…
COACH ORGERON: Welcome, everybody. “Tell the Truth Monday”. 4-1. Really excited about the performance of our football team last Saturday night on a tough road trip. Loved our preparation all week. It was a great mind-set. Coaches, players, support staff, everyone buying into it, everyone, on the daily basis, buying into the process. It was a business trip. I thought our guys came prepared, ready to go. The drum started beating Friday morning at 10:00. You see in their eyes, everybody is early for the trip. Everybody is early for meetings, attentive, ready to go. We blocked out the noise. We had energy all week, we had energy right before the football game, energy on the whole game on the sideline, just a tremendous job by everybody involved, and I was very involved in our program.

We started fast at three and out on defense, scored our first possession, which was great to see, silenced the crowd a little bit. Tough, hostile environment. Loved the physicality of our football team. Our guys fought very hard against a physical, physical, football team. Obviously, the difference in the game was 390 yards rushing. 381 allowed the use of our run game, allowed the use of Fournette and Guice. Both of those guys had a good game but blocking up front was very critical, along with our tight ends and receivers. We won the time of position by ten minutes. Arkansas had been leading in the SEC and were very good at that. We wanted to improve on turnovers. We made 14 points on turnovers, which is something we worked on all week. We stressed on a period we call the winning edge on Thursday. Another great job of Dave Aranda on defense. I thought Pete Jenkins’ defensive line did a tremendous job against a very good offensive line, a very good run scheme. Those guys wanted to battle it up front. Our linebackers tackled very well. We gave up one explosive one and one explosive pass.

We play for 60 minutes. I was really happy for our players at the end. It was a festive attitude. They was excited about that Boot. It was really good to see it. It’s a heavy trophy, I can tell you that. But just excited about our team to go in there and have a road win and get ready to go. Today is Tell the Truth Monday. Obviously, we have to let it go. I want to talk about the things that we did well. I want to talk about the things that we want to improve on, and one of the things we want to do is finish on defense. We didn’t like the last couple of drives, those big screens and stuff like that. But those things we are going to address this week and get going, and after we meet it’s going to be on to Florida. We’re excited it’s going […]