Florida fans have opportunity to relive college glory days

The Florida Gators travel to Columbia, Missouri to take on the Missouri Tigers on Nov. 4. During that weekend fans will be able to rent out rooms in Missouri residence halls. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images) Florida fans have the opportunity to relive their college glory days on a weekend early in November. The Gators travel to Columbia, Missouri, to play the Missouri Tigers on Nov. 4.

While the game itself might not be special, a new initiative put forth by the University might make the whole weekend experience a memorable one. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , the Mizzou will let families and fans rent rooms in residence halls for football games.

Even though the drive from Gainesville to Colombia is close to 15 hours, a chance to reminisce through the glory days of college might be enticing for some fans.

People can book a two-room, four-bed suite for $120 per night . The rooms come with free high-speed wireless access, along with economy bed linens and towels.

The initiative was thought up by Mizzou leaders as a way to counteract the financial stress of declining freshman enrollment . Since the 2015 football boycott and ensuing institutional drama, Missouri has experienced low enrollment and financial strains.

Apparently the only thing left for the Mizzou leaders to decide is if alcohol will be allowed in the dorm rooms. But if living in a college residence hall has taught us anything, it’s how to sneak a 24-pack of beer past the workers at the front desk.