Florida football player shows off alternate uniform with an alligator on the field

That’s one dangerous way to show off the swamp green uniforms.

Gators defensive back Nick Washington was the lucky player to stand next to the alligator with no restraint to the mouth in an open field.

Luckily for Washington, he walked away without being an afternoon snack.

On Monday, the university announced that they will honor the 25th anniversary of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium being named “The Swamp” by presenting a uniform concept that has been in the making for the past 18 months.

Nike and the University of Florida captured the look of a real life alligator with the alternate uniforms side by side and the colors of the alligator scaled jerseys look almost identical to the live alligator, along with hints of orange and blue to fit the original Florida Gators color scheme.

The school has worn commemorative alternate uniforms in the past, but not in this fashion with a wild animal.