Florida Gators recruiting mailbag: December 15th edition

Florida Gators recruiting WR target Henry Ruggs – GatorCountry photo taken by Andrew Spivey Gator Country’s popular Florida Gators recruiting mailbag is back to its weekly spot on Thursday’s as we answer your recruiting questions.

The Gators recruiting class is off to a great start in 2017 and look to be setting their selves up for another top class.

This week members had a lot of questions on the status of the Class of 2017 and we answer your questions here.

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Kirkb919: Who do you believe we will sign at defensive tackle in this class?

AS: Campbell and then I think Florida adds Tyrone Truesdell to the class. I think they would like another one but I’m just not sure who that third person is at this time.

Kirkb919: Do you think we will have anymore surprise pick ups like we had with Kyree Campbell?

AS: In January anything can happen and I would say probably more surprises happen. You will see more names added to the list in January.

Genesis: Will Mike Summers and Greg Nord be retained? What is going on with Aubrey Solomon’s recruitment? Seems pretty unpredictable.

AS: Personally I’m not 100 percent sure either way on those two guys. It wouldn’t surprise me either way but I don’t think anything happens until after the bowl game. Solomon is visiting Florida last in January but I think he’s Georgia’s to lose with Alabama next. Mom is the key here though.

Juggernautz: Which freshman quarterback do you think will see the field first?

AS: As of today I say Feleipe Franks but we still have a whole spring to go before a decision has to be made. Kyle Trask made huge strides last year but right now it’s Franks.

Juggernautz: Any new news on Adarius Lemons? AS: He’s going back to Clearwater High next semester and he’s waiting on his ACT score to come back. Right now Florida is just waiting on all of that and then they will decide on the future of him. Juggernautz: Do you think the results of the Outback bowl will affect our recruiting? AS: 1,000 percent because Florida needs momentum in a huge way and a win gives you some of that. You can’t end on a three game losing streak for the second straight year. You just can’t. Tleebow: If Mark Thompson were to leave the team would we go after a 3rd running back? AS: I think it’s very possible if that guy is Adarius Lemons if it isn’t Lemons then I don’t think they sign a third back in this class. They will focus on Lorenzo Lingard and one more in 2018. Hogtown: Do you get the vibe from the staff that they’re as frustrated with recruiting as the fans are? AS: Absolutely and anyone that says different isn’t telling the truth. Frustration is there but they also know that they have time to fix […]