Football Booster Contribution Adjustment for 2018 Season

Florida is committed to providing a championship experience with integrity on and off the field for student-athletes and the Gator Nation. Contribution Adjustment Information Website | FAQ

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gator Boosters, Inc., and the University Athletic Association have announced Gator Boosters Football contribution adjustments for the 2018 football season to the public, the first such change since 2013.

** All contribution adjustments will be for the 2018 football season. 2017 Florida Football ticket information . **

Why the Adjustment?
The UAA’s strategic purpose is to, "Provide a championship experience with integrity on and off the field for student-athletes and the Gator Nation." By the time a Gator student-athlete walks across the graduation stage, the University Athletic Association will have invested approximately $350,000 in that individual.

In order to provide a championship experience with integrity for all Gator student-athletes, additional revenue is needed to cover the rising cost of scholarships (tuition, housing, cost of attendance, incidental meals, etc.).

The adjustments, which will include both contribution increases and decreases (approximately, 37 percent of the seat contributions are going down or staying at the same contribution level) in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Legends , an outside firm, conducted market and fan feedback to assess the UAA’s current pricing and contributions model. The UAA used the results of their research to formulate a plan for 2018 that will create a more balanced seating structure and provide options that are more flexible for season ticket holders.

Information Related to Rising Costs:
Each year, the investment the University Athletic Association makes into the lives of our student-athletes increases. In 2017-18, the total scholarship cost for Gators student-athletes will be $14 million, an increase of 25 percent ($2.8 million) from just six years ago. Overall, the expenses to support the complete student-athlete experience total approximately $350,000 in a four-year span.

Success is Our Tradition: Florida has won 38 national championships, including two this year (women’s tennis and men’s outdoor track and field). UF has won at least one national championship in each of the last nine academic years. Florida has won 17 national championships during the last nine years and has won multiple national titles in 10 seasons.

Florida is the only athletic department in the country to finish among the top 10 in national all-sports rankings in each of the last 33 years.

Florida was the first school to win the Capital One Cup in both the men’s and the women’s competition since the Cup was introduced in the 2010-11 season. The Gator men’s program won the first two men’s Capital One Cups in 2011 and 2012 and the women captured the 2014 Cup. In the five-year history of the Capital One Cup, Florida is the only program to finish each season in the men’s and women’s top 10.

Florida has won the SEC All-Sports Trophy 27 times, including a sweep of the men’s, women’s and overall title 16 times – no other league school has pulled that feat off once.

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