Former Florida QB Tim Tebow reflects on classic 2007 game against LSU

One of the most memorable moments of Tebow’s career with the Gators may have been a loss to LSU during the 2007 season, which helped ignite the current state of the rivalry between the two schools.

Tebow reflected on that classic matchup against the Tigers in a recent interview with SB Nation , calling it an “unbelievable game,” and “a very, very fun night to play football.”

LSU beat Florida, 28-24, on Oct. 6, 2007, but the Tigers had to outscore the Gators, 21-7, in the second half to do so.

Long before that, Tebow threw a 2-yard touchdown pass that gave Florida a 10-0 lead in the first quarter.

In the week leading up to the game, LSU students somehow got Tebow’s phone number and harassed him with calls and texts, going as far as to make death threats to his friends and family. So when Tebow threw the game’s first touchdown, he pretended to make a phone call in the end zone as a celebration.

“It was not planned at all,” Tebow told SB Nation. “When I got to the end zone, and I looked up right in front of the student section and there were like 30,000 people giving me the bird, it was just instinct. Most of them had probably been calling me earlier that week, so it was just a little friendly reminder, saying hey.”

It was also just one of the first memorable moments in what has been a crazy athletic career for Tebow.