Luke Del Rio ‘fair weather’ blast equals stormy time on Twitter

Florida quarterback Luke Del Rio has six interceptions in three games, including a pick-six to open Saturday’s 31-10 loss at Arkansas. Del Rio said he is struggling with decision making and locking into his first option at receiver. Luke Del Rio sent out a sarcastic blast on Twitter Sunday: “In all kinds of ‘fair’ weather.”

Bazinga, Gator fans. You’ve been served.

But predictably, it did not go well. A sample response: “the weather might be better if we had even a halfway decent QB. You and Appleby are by far the worst I’ve ever had to watch.”

I would quote others but Del Rio deleted the tweet. That was a good move, unlike the original thought.

As petulant as Florida fans can be, they are right to be beyond frustrated with the quarterback play of Del Rio and Mr. Austin Appleby.

With Del Rio hurt, the Gator Nation had to watch Appleby throw three first-half interceptions to seal the deal on a predictable rout in the SEC Championship Game against Alabama.

That didn’t play out well on social media either.

“If Appleby worked at an Applebee’s he would bring your order to the wrong table#SECChampionship #BAMAvsUF” a fan tweeted.

And another: "Dear Tebow, Please heal Appleby of his illness that makes him throw an interception with every pass. #UFvsBAMA #SECChamp25 "

Del Rio and Appleby both been mediocre at best. And it is baffling that a powerhouse recruiting university with a head coach noted for his offensive prowess can only offer up two guys who couldn’t cut it at other programs.

Del Rio was a walk-on at Alabama in 2013. But after he realized he was going nowhere there, he transferred to Oregon State. He then transferred again to Florida. Appleby transferred from Purdue as a fourth-year junior in January.

Gator fans noted this on Twitter as well, playing the loyalty card. I would be more specific but to repeat, Del Rio deleted the post.

“It was kind of a journey to get here,” Del Rio said in March. “It worked out. Everything must be meant to be.”Unfortunately, it leads to a dead end on offense, and a social media trial splattered with self-inflicted wounds.Fair is fair when it comes to college football and passionate, frustrated fans. George Diaz can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @georgediaz