Rent Like A Champion gives Gators fans a whole new way to experience UF football

When Rent Like A Champion CEO Mike Doyle thought to expand college football’s premier home rental service across the country, he always had his eye on Gainesville.

“The University of Florida is such an amazing college football community,” says Doyle. “So as we thought about places where our service would benefit fans and homeowners the most, Gainesville was a no-brainer for our team.”

Founded in 2006 in South Bend, IN, Rent Like A Champion coordinates home rentals for fans looking to stay close to the stadium, and has hosted over 60,000 fans in over 100 markets across the country so far.

This season, they’ve teamed up with local entrepreneur John Rutherford to grow their service near the University of Florida—a partnership Rutherford said has the potential to change the way Gators fans experience their favorite team.

“ Rent Like A Champion’s service gives fans easy access to The Swamp, and they offer homes big enough for everyone to stay under one roof,” says Rutherford. “Instead of booking six hotel rooms, you can book one home where you can cook, watch TV, and hang out—even after the game ends.

“It’s the best way to experience UF football, hands down.”

So far, the reaction in Gainesville agrees with Rutherford’s opinion.

“We had a great time, we will be using RLAC anytime we go to any future games,” one Gainesville renter said. “The homeowner was very nice, house was super clean, and the whole experience was very enjoyable. I feel like she really went out of her way to accommodate us with excellent customer service and I would recommend anyone that is ever in Gainesville to stay there.”

And not only has Rent Like A Champion helped football fans get close to the action, it’s also helped local homeowners earn big by renting their homes throughout the season.

“I’ve had a great experience over four or five seasons of renting my home with Rent Like A Champion ,” says Linda Searby, a homeowner who used RLAC when she lived in Auburn, and has continued renting out her home in Gainesville, “They’re very easy to work with, their online procedure is simple, and their customer service is perfect!”

And despite the trepidations homeowners may have about renting their homes out to those traveling in for the game, Searby says RLAC has alleviated her concerns.

“All the renters I’ve had have been very respectful,” she says. “Plus, if I ever have a question, I can call Rent Like A Champion and actually talk to a real person, which is not the case with a lot of companies.”

It’s that personal touch—from the top team on down—that Rutherford says makes Rent Like A Champion such a great way for guests to get the most out of their college football game days.“At the end of the day, everyone at Rent Like A Champion is a fan just like the people who use our product,” he says. “I want every person who uses RLAC in Gainesville, from homeowners to renters, to feel like we’re on their team—we’ll be there […]