Watch Florida Gators Kicker Drill 81-Yard Field Goal In Practice

Marcus Blackwell 2:21 pm, May 3rd, 2017 The longest made field goal in Division I history was 67 yards. In the NFL, the longest successful attempt was 64 yards.

With that being said, Florida Gator kicker Eddy Pineiro drilled one from 81 yards yesterday in practice. Yes, you read that right. 81 YARDS. Usually, practice footage isn’t too compelling but this one is definitely a must see. Check out the kick below. 81 yarder with pads on. No excuses! Ready for the season to start @GatorsFB @FloridaGators Chomping at Bits: Watch Florida kicker Eddy Piñeiro hit an 81-yard field goal Will he ever get the opportunity to showcase this in an actual game? Maybe not, but it surely is a plus knowing that he has this ability.